Karen David MS, RDN
Registered Dietitian
Throughout my career, I have continued to develop and integrate experiences, training, and knowledge to improve the quality of life 
for my clients, guiding them to freedom from unproductive choices and helping them make more balanced lifestyle decisions.
There is no one way to treat the very complex issues surrounding eating habits and behaviors. At the heart of my approach is the core 
belief of making peace with one’s relationship to food, body and mind will lead to grounding and embodiment. This is not about 
dieting. It's about learning to listen to your inner wisdom over time and, with practice, becoming whole again.
Through the practice of mindful eating, I will teach people that every person's relationship with food reflects how they approach and 
cope with other areas of their lives. Then if we make an adjustment in one area, it affects other areas. Fluidity, balance, compassion, 
curiosity and investigation are some of the core principles guiding this work.
Also, as with many personal struggles, shame and judgment creep in. This can stop people from resolving food issues that cause them 
distress and keeping stuck in a painful cycle. Letting go of judgement and inner critic dialogues that drive the cycle of self-destructive 
behaviors is a passion and philosophy that I will work with each client to understand and apply to his or her own life.
There is no one-size-fits-all solution here. Through a combination of mindful eating, compassion and nutrition education, Karen will 
work with each client to create a plan that is unique to that individual.

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Phone: 818-585-5400